Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of CP.sk

1. Common provisions

1.1. CHAPS Ltd., Bráfova 1617/21, Brno, 616 00, Czech Republic, ID: 47547022, registered in the Business Register mantained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, file 17631 (hereinafter Contractor), is authorized to administer property rights to the website of CP timetables and to the application CP timetables (hereinafter CP.sk).

1.2. The Contractor publishes these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred as ZPCP) which govern the rights and obligations of the User and the Trader in mediating the sale of a ticket (e-ticket) through CP.sk for bus or train connections. The effective ZPCP is published at address: https://resources.crws.cz/content/

1.3. The Trader is ČSAD SVT Praha s.r.o. with headquarters at Křižíkova 4-6, Prague 8, Czech Republic, registered in the Business Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague under file C 11856, ID: 45805202. The Trader mediates the purchase of tickets through CP.sk on the basis of contractual relations with individual transport operators (hereinafter referred as Carriers).

1.4. The User means an entity that accesses CP.sk sites or applications, uses these sites or uses applications of CP.sk.

1.5 Each User is required to familiarize himself with the ZPCP before using CP.sk. By using CP.sk the User agrees with the published ZPCP.

1.6. The Client is a natural or legal person using the sites or applications of CP.sk to purchase travel documents. By executing the purchase order of the travel document the Client agrees that the rights and obligations of the Client and the Trader are governed by these ZPCPs effective on the relevant date of the order.

1.7. The Registration is a provideing of the selected personal data of the Client. The reason for the Registration is the requirements for the provision of certain applications and services of the CP.sk or the intended intention of the Contractor to allow access to certain parts or services of CP.sk to registered Users only.

1.8. Legal relationships between the trader and the User/Client are governed by the law of the Czech Republic. Any possible disputes between the Trader and the User/Client will be settled by the General Courts of the Czech Republic.

1.9. The Carrier is a legal or natural person providing the transport of persons.

1.10. The Passenger is the person who actually used an e-ticket for his transportation, it is not necessary the same person as the Client who made the purchase of travel documents. As a Holder is designated a Passenger in whose name is issued an e-ticket for one or more Passengers. Only this Passenger from the e-ticket is obliged to prove his/her name with an identity card at check-in.

1.11. The Czech Commercial Inspection, with headquarters at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, IČ: 00020869, Internet address: https://www.soi.sk/, is responsible for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.

1.12. The Contractor reserves the right to change these ZPCPs without prior notice and with immediate effect. It is the User's and the Client's responsibility to monitor the current wording of these terms.

1.13. The purchase of SMS tickets for public transport through CP.sk does not create any responsibility of the Contractor or the Trader for the perfect delivery of the SMS ticket and for the SMS ticket service. These services are provided by individual local transport operators in cooperation with mobile operators.

2. Using CP.sk

2.1. Without the consent of the Contractor it is not allowed to use CP.sk other than for your own use (both in whole and in individual parts). Any other use is subject to prior approval by the Contractor.

2.2. It is forbidden in any way to interfere in the technical substance or content of CP.sk or to use the data of the found informations for other applications without the consent of the Contractor.

2.3. The Contractor is not responsible for any impacts, consequences and damages resulting from the use of the CP.sk application caused by any technical defect (whether on the part of the application or a third party), insufficient connectivity, failures on the part of payment gateways, etc.

2.4. The Contractor is not responsible for any impacts, consequences and damages resulting from the use of informations obtained from CP.sk due to eg the out-of-date or incompleteness of the published informations or failure to comply with timetables by individual transport operators.

2.5. The Contractor is not responsible for the content of CP.sk if it was placed on CP.sk by a third person without the Contractor's knowledge in breach of these terms or in violation of the legal regulations.

2.6. The Contractor is not responsible for the content, accessibility and security of third party websites referenced from CP.sk, nor for any obligations and relationships arising between the User and third parties.

2.7. The User does not have a legal right to access applications and services. The Contractor reserves the right to suspend temporarily or permanently selected applications and services of CP.sk or the availability of CP.sk as a whole without the prior notice.

2.8. The User is obliged to act in such a way that the Contractor, the Trader or third parties is not harmed.

2.9. The User is forbidden to use CP.sk and other applications of IDS.cz for collecting information for their further processing and sharing.

2.10. The User undertakes to provide only true and up-to-date information about their identity during Registeration.

2.11. The costs incurred by the User using the communication in connection with the purchase of tickets (the cost of internet connection, costs of telephone calls, etc.) pays the User himself.

3. Registration of Client Information

3.1. The provision of some applications and services of CP.sk or the availability of certain parts of CP.sk may be bound and conditional upon the Registration of the Client via CP.sk. The Client is notified about the need of Registration in the relevant part of CP.sk or at the respective application or service of CP.sk.

3.2. The provision of personal data for the Registration by the Client is voluntary and is a prerequisite for the Registration and the use of the CP.sk applications and services that are conditional upon this Registration.

3.3. Registration is free of charge. When registering, the following informations are required:

  • E-mail (used as login)
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name

3.4. All required data must be filled in to confirm the Registration. Creating a Registration the Client agrees with these ZPCPs.

3.5. Term of validity of the Registration is set for 24 months from the date of registration. This period is extended for a further 24 months after the purchase of the ticket or after login to CP.sk services through the registration data.

3.6. The Contractor is entitled to terminate the Client's Registration if the User's use of CP.sk is in conflict with these ZPCPs or generally binding legal regulations. Furthermore, the Contractor is entitled to terminate the Registration of the Client after the expiration of the Registration period. The termination of the Registration for the above reasons is not obligated to inform the Client.

3.7. The client has the right to request the deletion or correction of personal data (change or cancellation of the Registration).

3.8. Registration at CP.sk can be replaced by logging in using social network Facebook account or Google account. In such a case CP.sk does not collect any personal data of the Client but assumes them from these services.

4. Processing of personal data

4.1. Personal data are processed by the Contractor as an Administrator only on the basis and to the extent permitted by General Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR), on the protection of personal data and related regulations, Act No. 18/2018 Coll. On the Protection of Personal Data.

4.2. The Contractor declares that all personal data are considered to be confidential, will be used only for internal use, will not be disclosed, provided to a third party or otherwise misused, unless provided by the public authorities if required by law.

4.3. Information about Clients and their purchases of tickets are stored in a secured database and are not provided to third parties.

4.4. The purpose of processing the personal data of the Registered or Non-Registered Clients is exclusively the provision of selected CP.sk applications and services, the sending of ordered tickets and CP.sk protection.

4.5. The Contractor is entitled to use anonymized data without linking to a particular Client, for example for statistical purposes.

4.6. In matters related to the processing of personal data, the Client may contact customer support using the web form https://helpdesk.amsbus.cz/cp/ or directly by e-mail gdpr@cp.svt.cz. The client has the right to get information about the processing of personal data, the provision of copies of personal data and processing details. The client has the right to reparation, erasure, limitation of processing (change or cancellation of registration), may object, submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority.

5. Purchase an e-ticket and check-in

5.1. When purchasing an e-ticket before leaving the payment gateway, consent to the current ZPCP is always required, which also expresses the consent to the processing of personal data of the Client under paragraph 4 of this document.

5.2. During the purchase, the Client enters the required number of e-tickets and Passenger Information. If the carrier requires a name of Passenger or other required information, it is necessary to enter it. In the case of a purchase without a registration, the correct e-mail address, where the e-ticket will be delivered, must also be entered.

5.3. To pay an e-ticket, the Client is redirected to the payment gateway according to the payment method chosen by him / her. Neither the Merchant nor the Entity will in any way come into contact with sensitive data of the Client's internet banking (credentials) or of the Client's payment cards, in particular the payment card number, the holder's name and the period of validity of the card. Card payment is provided by 3D Secure.

5.4. Upon successful payment, the Merchant issues an e-ticket in electronic form.

5.5. The PDF e-ticket will be sent by the Dealer to the Client by e-mail to the address stated by the Client during the purchase or registration process. This file can be viewed, printed or saved by the Client as required.

5.6. The Client proves him/herself by boarding on the bus or during the ticket check in the train with the e-ticket displayed on electronic device and eventually together with the proper reduction confirmation (if price reduction is applied). Only in case it is explicitly stated on the e-ticket or it is a domestic ride ticket of ČD, it is allowed to perform the check-in just by using the knowledge of the check-in code of the e-ticket applied together with the proper reduction confirmation.

5.7. If the carrier demands for the check-in a printed copy of the e-ticket, the User is warned about it during the purchase process of the e-ticket and also in the confirmation e-mail containing the e-ticket itself.

5.8. It is always allowed to check-in with a printed e-ticket of the not changed size on A4 paper.

6. Passenger Information

6.1. On some connections their Carriers requires to provide Passenger information on an e-ticket (ie. surname and name). In this case, this data is required when purchasing an e-ticket, are listed on e-tickets and such e-tickets are non-transferable.

6.2. The Client will be informed about the used tariff according to the provided information during selecting the connection. Passengers must prove entitlement to a discount when boarding the bus or checking the tickets on the train, otherwise they lose their right to transport without compensation.

7. Liability of the Merchant

7.1. The Trader declares that the personal data necessary for the purchase of an e-ticket are considered confidential. For details on the processing of personal data see chapter 4 of this document.

7.2. The Trader is not responsible for the Carrier. The actual course of the transportation is governed by the applicable Transportation Regulations and the Contractual terms of the Carrier, unless otherwise specified in these ZPCPs.

7.3. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2021/782 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2021 on the rights and obligations of passengers in rail transport, the Trader informs the Passengers that the e-tickets issued by the Trader do not offer the same level of protection as direct transport documents and the railway transport operator operating the given connection has not issued these transport documents as direct transport documents. For railway transport operators, only the current terms and conditions published on their websites apply - see paragraph 10 of these Terms and Conditions.

7.4. The Trader is not responsible for any loss caused by the failure to accept the e-ticket by the Client.

8. Liability of the Client

8.1. During the purchase of an e-ticket, the Client is obliged to check all data, especially the date and time of departure, the selected connection, the used tariff (corresponding to his discount), name of Passenger, price or e-mail address for delivery. The Trader is not responsible for any loss caused by the misstatement of the data provided by the Client. The Client acknowledges that later specific claims or discounts can not be taken in account during the service provision.

9. Returning an e-ticket

9.1. The conditions for returning an e-ticket are determined by the Carrier and are presented before the purchase of the e-ticket. On the e-ticket there is printed the respective deduction/time until planned departure until the e-ticket can be returned. Exception is the carrier České dráhy, its conditions of ticket return are stated on the carrier's website.

9.2 The e-ticket can be returned with the appropriate deduction and within the time limit until the departure of the connection in one of the following ways:

  • by clicking on the relevant link/button in the application in which the e-ticket was purchased (in the CP Timetables mobile application in the Ticket detail, on the CP.sk website on the Tickets page),
  • by filling in the CP.sk Code in the "Return of purchased tickets" form on the Tickets page of the CP.sk website (cp.sk/jizdenky).

In order to successfully return an e-ticket purchased with the Client's logged-in account, it is a prerequisite to log in with the same Client's account that was used for its purchase.

9.3. If the e-ticket was purchased via the mobile application CP timetables without registering the Client, then the e-ticket is stored only in the device memory used for purchase the e-ticket and will be not displayed via CP.sk (however its return using CP.sk will be possible on CP.sk). If the application memory is erased or the application is reinstalled on that device, the e-ticket will no longer be available in the application.

9.4. If the e-ticket was purchased through the CP.sk website without registering the Client, then the e-ticket is stored only in the Internet browser's memory on the computer that was used to purchase the e-ticket and will be not displayed in the mobile application CP timetables. If the memory of the browser is erased or the internet browser or system is reinstalled, the e-ticket will be no longer available on CP.sk (however its return using CP.sk will be possible on CP.sk).

9.5 If the Client no longer has the CP.sk Code, it will no longer be possible to return the e-ticket. The CP.sk Code was included in the email with the e-ticket or directly on the e-ticket sent to the e-mail address provided when purchasing the e-ticket or was displayed on the e-ticket displayed via one of the CP.sk applications.

9.6. Ticket of the carrier České dráhy, a.s. is possible to return within CP.sk exclusively as the entire associated document. Means the journey There and Back always together with respect to the time of departure There. On the ČD website (https://www.cd.cz/eshop/vraceni-a-vymena/) you can apply all the rights under the contract of carriage according to the full possibilities of the carrier. For that you need to know the check-in code and the e-mail address that was used to purchase the ticket.

9.7. The returned amount of money will be transferred to the Client via the payment gateway used by the Client from which he made the payment. Typically a money back order will be submitted within three business days after the return of the e-ticket by Client. The Client is informed about this by e-mail sent to the address used for porchase the e-ticket.

10. Complaint of an e-ticket

10.1. The Carrier is responsible for the course of the transportation. The Traveler does not incur any liability to the Trader or the Contractor for any loss caused by delay or cancellation of the connection.

10.2. If the passenger did not use a e-ticket for a ride shorter then 250km, because the appropriate connection was cancelled or delayed on departure more than 30 minutes, the fare will be refunded. Transportation for a longer ride is defined by The Regulation (EU) No 181/2011. This provision applies only to bus e-tickets, unless different conditions are specified in this document for a particular Carrier.

10.3. For this compensation, the Client must ask the Trader via the customer support form, including the claimed e-ticket. The Trader undertakes to confirm all claims received within two business days. If the Client did not receive the confirmation within this period, the claim must be considered as undelivered and need to be repeated.

10.4. The Trader shall verify the claim with the Carrier and, if its eligibility is confirmed, return the fare to the Client to the account from which the payment was made through the payment gateway used by him. The Client will be notified of the outcome of the complaint procedure.

10.5. The complaint form can be found at: https://helpdesk.amsbus.cz/cp/

10.6. For tickets of Leo Express group are only applicable the current terms and conditions published on its website https://www.leoexpress.com/en/about-us/transport-terms-and-conditions. Contact the customer center, refunds, compensation https://www.leoexpress.com/en/contact.

10.7. For tickets of RegioJet group are only aplicable the current terms and conditions published on its website https://www.regiojet.cz/.

10.8. For tickets of Arriva group are only aplicable the current terms and conditions published on its website https://www.arriva.cz/.

10.9. For tickets of Flixbus group are only aplicable the current terms and conditions published on its website https://www.flixbus.com/. To communicate with the carrier, please use its form at the address https://help.flixbus.com/s/contact-us?language=en.

10.10. For tickets of carrier České dráhy, a.s are only applicable the current terms and conditions published on its website https://www.cd.cz/.

10.11. For tickets of carrier SLOVAK LINES EXPRESS are only applicable the current terms and conditions published on its website https://www.slovaklines.sk/.

This document becomes valid and effective on March 15, 2023.